Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company

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  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company  (MGGOLDLINK) wishes to inform all foreigners who intend to purchase gold and diamonds in Ghana to be guided as detailed hereunder, in order to avoid being swindled by fraudsters and con artists.

    All offers received from individual private mining companies, licensed buyers, for the supplies of gold and diamonds, are to be confirmed with the  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company , Diamond House, Accra. All such correspondences are to be addressed to the Managing Director, p.o box 810, Accra for advice. Telephone numbers: +233247067577

Email: [email protected]
    The offices of  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company  are at the Diamond House, near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and adjacent to the Registrar-General’s Department in Accra and in Tarkwa at the Small Scale Mining Center.
    Prospective buyers are strictly advised not to make any prepayments in cash for gold and diamonds supplies.
    All exports, except for direct license holders, of gold and diamonds are done by the  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company  on behalf of sellers/suppliers to overseas buyers’ destinations, after inspection and sealing by the Ghana Customs Service.
    Any person who claims to have gold for sale should be directed  to deliver the gold and diamonds at the  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company , for testing/assaying.  Thereafter, the  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company  will confirm the genuineness and value of the gold to the prospective overseas buyers.
      The only genuine fees are freight charges and insurance.
    Inspection and assay certificates purported to have been issued by Geological Survey and Society General de Souveillante may not be genuine, and should be cross-checked with MGGOLDLINK.
    Presentations made to foreigners about large holdings of gold dust by people designated as chiefs, relatives of famous and respected chiefs, land owners, & miners are ‘fairy tales’ and not to be believed.  For all such claims, the owners should be directed  to deliver the gold to  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company , for testing & valuation, as indicated in (4) above. Please ignore suppliers who refuse to deliver gold/ diamond to MGGOLDLINK for certification and offer various excuses.  They are likely to be fraudsters.
    There are several addresses of self-acclaimed agents on the internet with potential to offer large quantities of gold from Ghana. Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!!
    Provision of MGGOLDLINK, Minerals Commission, Geological Survey Department and Ministry Lands and Natural Resources Certificates by a dealer/supplier does not guarantee genuineness of transaction as many of these documents are forged.  Documents must be cross-checked with MGGOLDLINK.
    For the avoidance of doubt,  Minerals Ghana Goldlink Company  does not accept responsibility for any losses incurred by anybody who acts contrary to these guidelines issued by the order of management.

If you are interested in purchasing gold or diamonds in Ghana, For information send us a message with all the necessary details.